Mr Jolly the Janitor

Mr Jolly

Mr Jolly

Mr Jolly the Janitor – The janitor at Little Pumpington primary school is a complete contradiction in terms, he is a janitor but he is certainly not jolly. He is obsessively, compulsively clean and organised yet chooses to work in one of the dirtiest jobs on the planet…. and he smokes.

Children at the school think he may have a split-personality disorder as his behavioural traits swing from powerful, aggressive assertion to secretive manipulation to subservient obedience, depending on whoever Mr Jolly is talking to. What a weirdo?!

It is believed that Mr Jolly has the power to read minds, as he can sense when a pupil is merely thinking about dropping litter and usually delivers a verbal roasting to that child as a warning (but maybe he’d like to eat them) However, he positively cowers when being addressed by his boss Mrs Watt, who is now acting headmistress since the mysterious disappearance of the headmaster Mr Meadows.

Mr Jolly takes a pride in his own janitor’s uniform; dark blue denim dungarees with sharp creases and shiny brass buttons, pink wellington boots with matching pink rubber gloves.

Hmm, nice!