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Arthur Smith (comedian & writer)
“Hilarious and excellent – I particularly liked ‘blanket of rancid cabbages’ . Fart on, George and Stuart”

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Larger Family Life : ‘This book is disgusting, it’s horrible, it’s gross and it’s absolutely brilliant! … really, really loved it….fantastically juvenile sense of humour. This is a fantastic piece of light, humourous reading for both the young and young at heart and we will definitely be looking out for more of Stuart Reid’s writing. Brilliant!’

The Real Supermum: ‘…beautifully written and illustrated from start to end. It’s an absolute must for kids AND adults alike!’

Read It Daddy: ‘…deserves to become a bit of a children’s classic.’ 

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The Guardian Online Readers: ‘Brilliant’ ‘Wonderful, fun and exciting’ ‘Reminiscent of Roald Dahl’ ‘Fantastic and funny,’ ‘…hilarious.’

P4S Bannockburn Primary School
We loved our visit from Stuart!
It made us very excited about the book as well as certain writing features like alliteration and character building.
His book is exciting and silly and makes us want to read more more more!
We think Stuart is the short-wearing, silly, spiky-haired Scot and a sensationally sharing standout!
Thank you for the visit.

Sarah s
I love your book Stuart it is so funny in chapter two I can tell that your next book will be just as funny i hope you can come back to bannock burn primary school again it was great fun

Mrs K Shoan
Perfectly wonderful. I reminds me of some of Roald Dahls books very much. Very funny indeed, disgusting, silly and a rollercoster ride. Mr Reid is a very talent author and the cartoons in the book are delightful.

the first book my boy has ever read all the way through. he enjoyed it very much

rachael m
love the sound of book and explenations are wonderfull in the book. hope there is another book.

Jemma S
Fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, funny. I so hope these is another book on the horizon. George and his grandpop are brilliant

I love your books cant wait to your another book comes out.

by Yvonne
Gorgeous George: and the Giant Geriatric Generator is hilariously funny in a strange kind of way. The book is beautifully written and illustrated. It’s an absolute must for kids AND adults alike! Loads of fun!

Christina Reid
Fantastic! Bought this book for my grand-daughter(who loved it) but found I couldn’t put it down! It was an excellent read and I finished it in three installments. It was gripping and I deperately wanted to know what came next. It didn’t even feel like a kids book, the author certainly doesn’t patronise kids with his use of languauge. Definitely recommended!

What a brilliant book, absolutly LOVED it!! recommend this book to anyone, kids & grown-ups….I’ll be ordering a few for Christmas pressies.

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