Stuart Reid is currently part way through an epic, full time book reading tour of Scotland and England. His energetic and lively performances at schools all over the country continue to generate fantastic feedback. Below are just a few things children and teachers have been saying about Stuart Reid’s appearances.

If you would like to book Stuart to appear at your school you can contact him directly HERE.

Testimonials from Eastertoun PS pupils

“The author Stuart Reid was really inspiring. He was so funny. He told our Head Teacher not to listen to a bit which was particularly funny and disgusting.”
Ross W P7

“My favourite part was when all the false teeth jumped out of the cupboard. It was hilarious! I loved the title of the book with all the alliteration.”
Calum O P7

“I can’t get my head out of his book.”
Sadik E P7

“Stuart has inspired me in many ways. I now know to jot down all my good ideas in a notebook so that I remember them.”
Rebecca M P7

“Stuart Reid was fabulously brilliant when he came to our school. He has really inspired me to read more. I think he could be as big as Roald Dahl.”
Robyn Suter P7

“Stuart Reid’s visit is the highlight of my year so far.”
Alex R P7

“Your book even made my Mum and Dad laugh. I cannot wait until your next book.”
Jamie W P6

“I loved your visit to our school. When I went home I ordered your book straight away. “
Kayleigh D P6

“Stuart Reid is an inspiration to me and my younger brother. He has inspired me to write rough casts of my own books and has made my brother really enthusiastic about reading.”
Alex R P7

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